We provide email access to our doctors because our focus at Texas Sports Medicine is on care of our existing patients. We try to make access to our doctors as easy as possible. If you use email to communicate with us, you hereby agree to the following:

Email is not to be used for any urgent matters. Our doctors sometimes check their email only weekly, but even that is not assured (they may be out of town). If something is important and needs timely attention, you should use the telephone instead. Prescription refills, appointment scheduling, etc. should be handled by telephone to ensure timeliness.

Sending a message to a doctor does not establish a doctor-patient relationship.

Privacy cannot be guaranteed. Emails travel between multiple computers and servers on both ends, and sensitive information should not be included in any online communication. Do not include information in an email that you want kept private.

Your messages may become a permanent part of your medical record.

Finally, images on this site are in the public domain. They are not copyrighted and may be distributed freely.